Double Dive at Montague Island

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Double Dive at Montague Island

Looking for the best time to dive Montague Island? A Double Dive at Montague Island is better than a single, and it’s the perfect way to see some of Australia’s most incredible marine life up close. This renowned dive spot offers an amazing variety of sea life year round, dive with seals, Wobbegong and Port Jackson sharks! Seal pups and Grey Nurse sharks can be sighted during winter, and Humpback whales September to November. No matter what time of the year, there’s always so much to see! So book your dive today and prepare to discover the wonders of Montague Island! 







Minimum Age

12 YEARS +*

Min Certificate



5-18 METERS*

Divers & Snorkelers are priced separately.

Divers are priced the same regardless of age or certification level, but there is the option of booking one or two dives.

Child rates available for snorkelling.
Child rates 0 – 14 years

Australian and New Zealand Fur Seals can be found here year round. And during December to May, seal pups! 

Humpback Whales can be seen close to shore during their southern migration September to November. Less commonly seen during dives, but often heard through song. Dolphins are also a regular sight during this time of the year.

November to April, critical endangered Grey Nurse Shark return to this important site to gestate.

Throughout the year:  Turtles can be found grazing and on the sea bed; golden kelp beds, large bull rays, Wobbegong sharks, Port Jackson sharks and Nudibranchs.

Minimum Age* vs. Minimum Certification* vs. Maximum Depth*:
Open Water Divers (12 years+) limited to 18 meters.

Junior Advanced Open Water Dive (12-15 years) limited to 21 meters.
Advanced Open Water Diver (15 years +) limited to 30 meters.

Workplace Health and Safety advise a certified diver should not dive in excess of the depth to which they have been trained or have logged experienced to. We will require a certification card or a dive log signed by a Dive Guide proving that you have had experience to a certain depth.

Price includes:
– Two Dives.
– Weights

Upgrades (on following page) include:
– Tanks.
– Full set of Hire Equipment (BCD, Regs, 5mm Wetsuit, Mask*, Snorkel, Fins and all necessary safety equipment), or individual items. 
* Corrective Lens Masks may be available to hire (limited availability). Please register your interest in the special requirements on the following page if required. Alternatively, we recommend that you wear contact lenses or consider purchasing your own prescription mask. These can be ordered through our affiliated dive store, CLICK HERE
– GoPro Hire

Exposure Suits: Average Sea Temperatures 16°c – 24°c

Regulations: Divers must have a Snorkel, Whistle, Surface Marker Bouy and Computer. 

Please ensure that your equipment is operational and serviced as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Please be aware that the crew reserves the right to prohibit anyone from entering the water if they deem it unsafe. If any of the below is not found out until on the day, you may not be permitted to join the tour and you may not receive a refund.

Please be aware that the crew reserves the right to prohibit anyone from entering the water if they deem it unsafe.

Please be aware that if you do not pass the following requirements and this isn’t found until on the day of your tour, you will not be permitted to join the tour and no refund will be issued.

  • You must be able to speak and understand English to a good standard
  • This dive requires a minimum of Open Water Diver Certification,
  • Please bring proof of your dive certification. By purchasing this product you acknowledge that you are required to show proof of your dive certification (in the way of a certification card) on the day. NO CARD – NO DIVING! If you do not have a certification card, please inform Salty Swims or the supplier via email or phone provided on your booking confirmation email. Certification online checks cannot be done on the day.
    • You must have dived within the last 12-24 months -If not you may be required to do a refresher course, if so, you will be required to complete this with the tour operator  1-2 days prior to your tour. Please make the tour operator aware on the following page where prompted/ within Special Requirements.
    • Suitable for ages 12 years +
  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, are taking prescription medication, you have suffered  from any injury or illness, or you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant,  then it is important that the tour provider is made aware. If they deem it too dangerous or unsafe, they reserve the right to prohibit you entering the water or joining the tour and a full refund will be issued.
  • You may be required to also complete a valid 4005.1 AS Dive Medical or doctors clearance prior to your dive if you answer “YES” to any of the following questions:
    – You are taking medication
    – You are suffering from an injury/illness that affects your ability to dive
  • If you are pregnant, unfortunately, you are unable to join this tour.
  • If you are unable to walk on-board or are wheelchair bound, unfortunately, you are unable to join this tour.

This tour operates out of Narooma, NSW.

Please check-in with the team promptly 30 minutes before departure time, at address: Apex Park Boat Ramp, Narooma, NSW, Australia.

Customers are NOT contacted UNLESS the trip is cancelled, or the departure time changes. If you don’t hear from us, please meet at the time and location stated in your booking details.

Tours are dependent on wind, swell and tides; therefore, departure times may vary. Please ensure that you select the correct time that suits you, and that your contact details are input correctly so that the tour operator can contact you should timings change.

You will receive a confirmation email upon purchasing this tour which will provide you with all of the relevant information, e.g. CONTACT NUMBERS,  ADDRESS ETC.

Please wear your swimmers ahead of arrival. Certification Card/Proof of Certification, Towel, Water Bottle, Sunscreen (Reef safe, please), warm clothing/ windproof jacket, and polarised sunglasses are recommended for best viewing through the surface of the water.

Seasickness Medication – You may experience seasickness out on the open ocean. We suggest that you should speak with your pharmacist in advance of your trip, to seek their advice on seasickness medication. We will not reschedule bookings or issue refunds for those suffering from seasickness.

Underwater 1” is a 9 metre Naiad Rib with twin 150HP engines. The vessel offers ample shade and cushioned seating, with dry storage for your personal belongings. (There are no toilets available onboard).

On-Board: Maximum of 15 passengers

Distance to Dive Site: 10 km from shore

Cancellations/changes to your booking must be made in writing directly to Salty Swims – Please contact Salty Swims  via email (, or Facebook (via the chat icon linked to this page).

Please be aware that refund policies do not cover travel, accommodation or any other associated costs. We recommend you take out travel insurance to cover unforeseeable cancellations.

What if the tour provider cancels?
In the event of poor sea conditions, minimum numbers not being reached or for any other reason, the tour operator reserves the right to cancel the tour. If your trip cannot be rescheduled to your satisfaction, you will receive a full refund.

What if you cancel?

If you wish to cancel your booking more than 48 hours of your departure, you’ll receive a full refund.

If you wish to cancel your booking within 48 hours of your departure, you will not receive a refund.

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