Flinders Reef

- Sunshine Coast -

Widely considered as one of the best dive sites off the Sunshine Coast, Flinders Reef is renowned for its Staghorn Coral and Green Turtle population. Located just north of Moreton Island, enjoying clean, oxygen rich waters flowing through with the tides, this dive site typically reports good visibility and attracts a vibrant community of marine life. 

This thrilling dive is one we’ve experienced for ourselves many many times, please feel free to message us with any questions.

Departing the Mooloolaba Wharf
Located Close to town, free parking for the day can be hard to come by. This tour operator boasts an excellent service with dive guides rinsing/washing your personal gear. 

Departing the Brisbane Road Dive Shop
This tour operator spends the surface interval within the calm waters of the River/tucked around Mudjimba Island. The dive shop is located on the outskirts of Mooloolaba, this dive shop is much easier to find parking and boasts more spacious facilities including hot showers, the drawback to this is that it’s a longer trip down the river before their 500hp rib can get up to speed. They also have a sliding scale for refresher course requirements which we like, and an attractive cancellation policy.

Marine Life
Regular sightings include: Nudibranchs and other macro species, Turtles (Green, Hawksbill & Loggerhead), Porcupine fish, Wobbegong Sharks, over 200 smaller species of fish and an excellent variety of soft and hard corals, namely Staghorn unlike anywhere else.

Seasonally: Eagle Rays (summer), Leopard Sharks (summer) & Grey-Nurse Sharks (winter).

Suitable for
Open Water Certified Divers +

Depth range

45-60 mins from river mouth

Year Round

Sea Temperature
19°c – 28°c


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