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Swimming with Humpback whales is one the most, if not THE most incredible experiences that you can have in life!

With adults growing to be 12-16metres in length and weighing 23 – 30tons it is truly a sight to behold watching these gentle, spatially aware giants cruise on by. 

Every year in Australia we get just a few months to view and interact with these amazing mammals as they migrate up our coast from Antarctica to give birth and mate before heading back south to feed for the summer months. This Humpback Whale migration is one of the largest migratory journeys of any mammal on earth, up to 5000km!

All Of Our Swim Tours Include

  • No prior experience is necessary although every participant must have the ability to swim in open ocean.
  • All necessary in-water equipment is provided by the tour operator; i.e. wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins.

  • Crew on board the trip are suitably qualified with a minimum of first aid, AED and O2 provider qualifications. 

  • All activity providers work to fulfill an Ecological obligation, adhering to government guidelines when interacting with marine wildlife.

  • All experiences are 100% organic. All animals are found in their natural habitats and without the use of intrusive technologies, or baited in any way.


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