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- Exmouth -

Always dreamt of Whale Shark season Exmouth? Swim with Whale Sharks on Magellan offers the ultimate bucket list experience! Operating on the largest vessel in the area, their custom-built 65ft charter boat is wheelchair accessible, and is fitted with a Marlin board. This makes it easy to get in and out of the water. With a guaranteed sightings, free hotel transfers, photographs and two additional snorkel sessions on the reef, you’ll get value for money. What’s more, observers are welcome to join in with the snorkelling, and Manta Rays too, if sighted! This is the best time to swim with Whale Sharks Exmouth, and this experience offers the perfect way to tick this epic encounter off your bucket list. Book now!







Minimum Age

2 YEARS +*


4 OUT OF 10



Swimmers are all priced the same, however a discount is applied to groups of 5 or more.

MINIMUM AGE* Children under the age of 2 years are not permitted to participate in any megafauna swims.

Price includes:
– two additional snorkelling session on the Reef (Observers welcome to join in)
– free hotel transfers (please select your pickup/drop off location on the following pages)
– Water.
– Sumptuous buffet lunch is served after the main event, catering to all dietary requirements.
– Photography: free photos provided.
– Snorkelling equipment: 3mm Wetsuit/Stinger Suit, Mask*, Snorkel and Fins.

* Corrective Lens Masks are available to hire. Please register your interest in the special requirements on the following page. Alternatively, we recommend that you wear contact lenses or consider purchasing your own prescription mask. These can be ordered through our affiliated dive store, CLICK HERE 

(Apr-Jul) If you do not see a Whale shark, you will be offered the next available tour for FREE as a second chance to do so. If you are not available for this repeat tour a partial refund can be provided.

Their success rate for the past few years for the April – July period has been 90- 100%. So the odds are definitely in your favour.

Please be aware that the crew reserves the right to prohibit anyone from entering the water if they deem it unsafe. If any of the below is not found out until on the day, you may not be permitted to join the tour and you may not receive a refund.

  • Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times, on-board or in-water.
  • Children under the age of 2 years are not permitted to participate in any megafauna swims.
  • If you are pregnant, have any pre-existing medical conditions, are taking prescription medication or you are suffering from any injury or illness, then it is important that the tour provider is made aware in-advance. If they deem it too dangerous or unsafe, they reserve the right to prohibit you entering the water or joining the tour. Please advise on the following page.
  • If you are wheelchair bound, you are able to join this tour but at your own discretion. Please contact the tour operator, ahead of your tour date, to discuss your needs.

This tour operates out of Exmouth, WA.

Customers are contacted the day prior to their tour to confirm.

Hotel Transfers included. Pick up times vary between 7:10 to 8:00 am, please ensure that you are ready and waiting 5 minutes prior.

Rather meet there? Please meet the crew promptly at 8:00am, at the Tantabiddi boat ramp.

You will receive a confirmation email upon purchasing this tour which will provide you with all of the relevant information, e.g. CONTACT NUMBERS,  ADDRESS ETC

Please wear your swimmers ahead of arrival. Towel, water bottle, sunscreen (reef safe, please), warm clothing/ windproof jacket, and polarised sunglasses are recommended for best viewing through the surface of the water.

Medication: (If you require to take medication throughout the duration of this tour, please remember to bring this with you. If you deem it necessary, please inform a member of staff, on board your vessel, where within your belongings this can be found).

Seasickness Medication – You may experience seasickness out on the open ocean. We suggest that you should speak with your pharmacist in advance of your trip, to seek their advice on seasickness medication. We will not reschedule bookings or issue refunds for those suffering from seasickness.

The “Magellan” is considered to be one of the biggest and best charter boats in operation on the Ningaloo Reef via Exmouth. The vessel is 20m in length and is custom built to be comfortable, stable and with commercial tourism in mind. There is over 32 sqm of shaded seating for your comfort, not including the cabin, and you can access the bow, the stern and even have a chat with your captain on the fly bridge. A marlin board is positioned just above water level allowing for ease of entry both in and out of the water, and there is a toilet on board as well. Wheel-chair accessible.

On-Board: Maximum of 20 swimmers and 3 observers.
In-water (Whale Sharks): Maximum of 10 swimmers.
In-water (Humpback Whales): Maximum of 7 swimmers.

Cancellations/changes to your booking must be made in writing directly to Salty Swims – Please contact Salty Swims  via email (info@saltyswims.com.au), or Facebook (via the chat icon linked to this page).

Please be aware that refund policies do not cover travel, accommodation or any other associated costs. We recommend you take out travel insurance to cover unforeseeable cancellations.

What if the tour provider cancels?
In the event of poor sea conditions, minimum numbers not being reached or for any other reason, the tour operator reserves the right to cancel the tour. If your trip cannot be rescheduled to your satisfaction, you will receive a full refund.

What if you cancel?
If you with to cancel your booking more than 7 days from departure, you will receive a full refund.

If you wish to cancel booking between 7 days and 72 hours of your departure, you’ll receive a 75% refund.

If you wish to cancel booking between 72 hours and 48 hours of your departure, you’ll receive a 50% refund.

If you wish to cancel or transfer your booking within 48 hours of your departure, you will not receive a refund.

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