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- The 5 BEST reasons for choosing Salty Swims -

  1. WHAT, WHERE, WHEN – Salty Swims was created to answer these exact questions, and to connect you to the passionate professionals that make it all possible, whilst providing you with the opportunity to book instantly. Have you ever wondered, 
    what marine species can be encountered in Australia,
    where in the wild it’s possible to find them,
    when you need to book your holiday for? We have the answers… explore your options above!

  2. Created and Run by Industry Professionals – Our passion comes from on-the-job experience – we used to be Tour Guides!
    Got an “out-there” question – ASK AWAY! Our Facebook Instant Messenger, that tracks down each page, directs your query straight to our mobiles, and we’re always happy to have a chat and offer our advise – Give it a go, ask us anything!

  3. HAND PICKED TOURS! We’ve personally chosen the experiences on offer so that you know that every tour passes our strict criteria, and that you can book with 100% confidence. ALL OF OUR SWIM TOURS ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING:
    – No prior experience is necessary, apart from having the ability to swim in the open ocean.
    – All the equipment you’ll need is provided by the tour operator; i.e. wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins.
    – All crew members on board are suitably qualified with a minimum of first aid, AED and O2 provider qualifications.
    – All Salty Swims activity providers share our passion and work to fulfil an Ecological obligation, such as adhering to government guidelines.
    – All experiences are 100% wild. All animals are found in their natural habitats.

  4. Like Reading? Well, we love to write! Drawing from our experience, we created a blog to pass on our pearls-of-wisdom (Like what we did there?!)… Get involved in interesting topics of discussion, and read-up on  how to make the most out of your experiences. “How to improve your chances of swimming with wildlife” is one of our most visited webpages, and it’s reassuring when we hear back from customers like you, that say it worked! Dive in by clicking here!

  5. We have a mailing list so that you’ll never miss out! Simply provide us with your email address, at the bottom of this page, and we’ll keep you up to date with any New Experiences, Blogs and our Latest deals.

- Why Tour Operators LOVE working with us -

  1. Team Work makes the Dream Work! One of the coolest things about our job is getting to know the passionate individuals that make your dreams a reality! By providing the platform that connects them all together, and by supporting each other, we’ll improve the industry for EVERYONE to enjoy!


  2. NO OVER-CROWDING – Our focus is your experience, and we don’t believe in overwhelming you with too much choice. Instead, let’s KISS (Keep-it-Simple-Stupid) – Only where demand outweighs supply, or where two products are inherently different, will we offer multiple tours in the same location.This way we can continue to develop a close working relationship with our Tour Operators, allowing us to be faster to communicate with them, adapt to any changes in their products, and recognise new and exciting experiences for you to enjoy!


  3. Our Industry Experience benefits EVERYONE! – We’re like a Booking Agent, but with the personal touch of a Tour Operator! We believe that our experience, and our passion to help you, will help your tour operator to concentrate on what they do best – GIVING YOU THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!


  4. We have a Recruitment Platform – Offering Salty Swims’ Tour Operators the opportunity to advertise for new job vacancies within their team – Do YOU dream of swimming with wildlife… FOR A JOB! Check it out, click here!


  5. PRODUCTS AND CUSTOMERS ALIKE! We offer you the chance to Encounter Marine Life in the wild! Whether that’s on a SWIM Tour, a STAY DRY Cruise, a Romantic SUNSET Sail, or on SCUBA blowing bubbles! We ALL SHARE the SAME INTERESTS! So get involved, Book a Life Changing Marine Experience Today, and we look forward to welcoming you back, to explore what your next fix might be!   
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Looking to expand your customer base and seeking professional representation for your products? We lean on our industry experience to create an aspiring culture in favour of the supplier and the customer. Give Matt a call today, on 0478 720 675.

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